Our Team


Pastor Paul Parks

Dr. Paul H. Parks was saved in October of 1987 on the campus of the University of New Brunswick following a Bible study. Shortly after that he was called to the Gospel ministry. Our Pastor has served here faithfully since June 

of 1995 and through many years with us has provided the servant leadership that continues to be modelled and reproduced within our church family. He is committed to pastoring and has a passion for training people in the ministry, discovering their gifts, equipping them and providing them with opportunity to employ those gifts within their proper place in our church family.

Brother Paul Burbidge

 Evangelist/Church Planter

 Paul Burbidge was saved in 1987 and his wife Sandy was saved in 1982. Both were saved under the ministry of Chegoggin Baptist Church.           We have a long term vision in  building disciples, families, and churches.

Paul was called to preach in 1998, trained by Pastor Parks, and completed Bible Institute by correspondence from another independent Baptist church of like faith. Paul was called to church plant and ordained to that Baptist ministry in 2003 by Chegoggin Baptist Church.

David Throp

Pastor's Assistant

Dave has been a member of Chegoggin Baptist Church for many years. He and his wife Cindy have raised their family here inclusive of children and grandchildren.

Dave assists the Pastor in the day to day operations of the church, evangelism outreach and the Church Planting Ministry.



Timothy Fevens

Music Director

Tim has grown up in the church family here, was saved under the preaching and has grown to serve in the ministry of music. Tim conducts the choir, the orchestra and administrated the special music ministry of Chegoggin Baptist Church.

Music is a key area of worship and Tim is committed to a strong stand on Godly Christian music.

Tim, and wife Amy, have a solid background in scriptural Christian music and strive to bring a level of excellence and joy to our services and outreach.

Mark Legere

Kings Kids Commander

Mark was saved under the preaching here and grew into serving in our Kings Kids program. Mark's enthusiasm and love for children's ministry is reflected in the excitement we have in our Kings Kids outreach on Friday nights.

David Fevens

Sunday School Superintendant

David has administered the work of Sunday School at our church for a number of years. Overseeing the curriculum and administrating the teaching duties of our classes.

His love for the word of God and the people of God show in his giving of himself in this labour of love.

Nelson Burbidge

Bible Institute Instructor

Brother Nelson is a graduate of our Bible Institute and has taken on the administrative works and teaching duties of our Bible Institute. Systematically going through our curriculum of Basic and Advanced Bible Studies with the idea of equipping the saints and leaders for the work at the ministry here and abroad.

Ralph Kennedy

Sign Language Ministry

Ralph came to us in the last number of years and has challenged our church people with learning sign language. His heart for the deaf community is contagious and continually strives to spur us on to greater heights in loving the deaf of our community.